The Big Apple

Going to New York has always been number one on my bucket list. Well, I'm definitely glad I didn't die before this trip. New York is a place that is ubiquitous in movies, TV, books etc. Seeing New York through a computer screen doesn't even come close to experiencing it firsthand. The city is a perfect marriage of sophistication and grunge, and a giant melting pot of the world. Just walking around the city, I came across people from all walks of life: artists, musicians, businessmen, upper east side wives and the occasional hobo. As I said, cultural melting pot, and style melting pot also. The streetstyle was an eclectic mix of 90's grunge, pared down minimalism and more. I was really impressed by the taste level of most people in the city. There seems to be an innate sophistication that come with being a 'New Yorker'; I have yet to attain that elusive quality.

In the short couple of days I've been here, I've fallen in love with the city in the most cliche way possible. I love the Art Deco modernity of the Chrysler building juxtaposed with the neo-classical style of the Met. I love the peaceful greenery of Central Park in the midst of the bustling metropolis. I love the mouthwatering Momomfuku crack pies and Serendipity frozen hot chocolate. New York - it ain't called the empire state for nothing.