All That Glitters

I'm a girl who likes to pull out all the stops. This is the outfit that I wore to last month's Fashion's Night Out, restyled with slick hair and mid term holiday euphoria. Leather - check, heels - check, shiny bits - check...and the relaxed, non-demented expression that appears on my face only during vacation time - check.

Despite my penchance for diva-esque dressing, my bank balance is not so accommodating of similar diva-esque spending. Enter sample sales - both my secret pleasure and worst nightmare. I snagged both the Sass & Bide blazer and Juicy Couture booties at local sample sales, at discounted prices that nevertheless punched a great big hole in my wallet. I validate these purchases by constantly reassuring myself that they were really good deals (or were they?). Honestly, with the ton of exams and college applications coming at me, retail therapy and heavily bedazzled outfits are the only things keeping me going these days.

Photos by Eugenia Chan