Bare Essensuals

There's a very fine line between garments and undergarments. In this outfit, I am definitely toeing that line. The athletic trend has been present in street style for so long, I thought I might as well try out the 'sports bra as top' look that so many fashion bloggers seem to rock as of late. This outfit definitely made a strong (and breezy) statement a la Madonna in her pointy conical bra. From my perspective, feminist liberation doesn't have to take the form of bra-burning; why not just rock bra-esque tops in public?

I have to say though, I got a lot of unsolicited stares on the IFC building where I shot this outfit. Perhaps Hong Kong isn't quite ready for the bra top look yet. This outfit was inspired by a red carpet look from my favorite actress, Stana Katic. I thought her midriff-baring Donna Karan ensemble was pretty brave, and sought to imitate it (albeit without her rocking body). I figured that if Stana could wear it on the red carpet, I could try it too.

Photos by Eugenia Chan