Let Go

Sartorially speaking, I've always regarded myself as being well put together. I pride myself on NOT dressing like I just rolled out of bed - effectively ruling out big t-shirts and sweatpants from my wardrobe. Lately however, senioritis (noun. an affliction causing high school seniors to not give a f***) has been hitting me especially hard, and has even affected my dressing habits. I've been feeling the dreaded desire to live permanently in hoodies, leggings and other types of 'comfort' clothing that I eschewed in the past. To stop myself from completely losing it, I decided to compromise with an item of clothing that married comfort and style - leather sweatpants.

In defense of my abominable behavior, I contend that many well-known style makers have been seen sporting baggy leather pants like the ones I donned. They've been spotted on the runways of Herve Leger, Christian Siriano and even on Rihanna herself - you cannot go wrong with the Queen of R&B's wardrobe. I have to admit that despite my previous reservations about items of clothing that bear resemblances to black trash bags, there is a certain slouchy cool to these pants. I guess the lesson to take from this is that leather does make everything better.