We Can't Stop

While people in rest of the world are freezing their asses off in subzero temperatures, I'm here contemplating the plausible non-existence of winter in Hong Kong. It's legitly the middle of December the weather has reverted to a sunny, temperate 20 C. Not to be ungrateful for the relatively nice weather (comparative to New York's snowstorms), but I feel like I've been robbed of the opportunity to bundle up like a snowman in layers upon layers of woolen things. I can't even hide my burgeoning food baby (resulting from too much winter hotpot) behind forgiving oversized sweaters. Instead, it's that kind of weather where I can still wear flimsy mesh (practically nothing) and not suffer a bout of pneumonia. I feel like Miley (sans the nudity).

Regarding this outfit, it's kind of an illogical mishmash of clothing items that turned out quite nicely. I was hastily rummaging in my wardrobe this morning when I came across this old Monki mesh dress. With the brain that is currently getting me through the IB Diploma, I automatically thought 'Wouldn't it be darling to wear this paper-thin garment in the middle of winter with little more than a bralette and a mini skirt?'. I kid, I kid...but really I all the stress from college applications right now is doing no favors to my logic.

But I digress. I'd rather not expend any more energy on elaborating about IB when it already takes up so much of my of it. I'd much rather discuss these knee high socks which give me an adorable, Japanese schoolgirl look so incongruous to my sarcastic personality. Combined with the rest of my outfit, they give me a gothic LA/Tokyo vibe. I am an approximation of the love child that would result from Miley Cyrus and Nana Osaki from the Nana manga. Okay, so I figured I should probably do less talking and just let you enjoy these nice photos. Now excuse me whilst I go off and do something illogical and incongruous to the weather again. Skiing in a bikini anyone?