It recently occurred to me that many of the outfits I post on this blog are gross exaggerations of what I really wear in real life. This epiphany was in part caused by my friend Nick's impertinent comment, that my real personality doesn't quite adhere to the 'ice-queen with a perpetual bitch face' persona pervading my images. In an effort to correct this disparity, I thought it might be nice to show you all a more casual outfit that I might wear in my normal happenings, and also smile a little more. Hope that it doesn't fail your high sartorial standards, dear reader.

The reason I like to wear risque/elevated ensembles (comparative to my normal dress) on my blog is that I don't have much opportunity to express my style in everyday life. I find that the effort put into visual intriguing outfits is often lost on my fellow peers at school, and instead greeted with bewilderment and raised eyebrows. It's not that I need applause for my manner of dress, but it's exhausting when putting care into my outfits often invokes negative judgment as well. Namely with Asian parents, dressing well seems to be a sign that I'm not studying enough or that I'm overly superficial.

So if you every wonder why this 17 year-old Asian schoolgirl is rocking stiletto booties in every outfit, know that it's because I'm embracing the boundless, judgement-free possibilities of the World Wide Web, and that I'm sharing with you the sartorial creations of my fanciful imagination. Fashion to me is not just about putting clothes onto your body; it's also about dreaming. But for now, to quote politically correct teen magazines, this is the real me (unphotoshopped and all, god forbid). Enjoy it while it lasts - I'll be back in my heels before you know it.

Photos by Nick Chan