School's Out!

Mock exams are done, classes have stopped for the holidays, and yet I can't seem to let go of my old-school lunchbag. Granted, its brown paper quality has been replaced by pleather, and it no longer sits at the cafeteria table but rather in my hands as I freely roam the streets of HK. Yet paired with knee highs, it has the effect of transforming me into a Japanese schoolgirl - albeit a rocker one.

Appropriately enough, I've just headed off to Japan for the Chinese New Year holidays to hit the Niseko ski slopes, to fly through powdery goodness and hopefully not crash into any trees. As you might imagine, the subzero temperature means replacing skimpy skirts with giant coats, and layers upon layers of thermals that add ten pounds. Prepare yourself - you're about to see some unusually modest outfits on this blog.

Photos by Katty Law