Throwback to winter break when I had adequate sleep and enough free time to lounge around in cozy coats.

I've been having a love affair with long duster coats that add elegance and flair to my outfit yet save my legs from hypothermia. Returning to Philadelphia after a debaucherous break in tropical Hong Kong, I was greeted by below freezing weather and frost dusting the pavement. It was an icy shock for my body, which had been bikini-clad and lounging beside a pool 24-hours prior. Investing in full-length, woolen coats has been the only thing preventing me from resorting to down puffer jackets and turning into the female version of the Michelin man - not the most flattering look. Currently, I'm enamored with this long belted coat from COS, which flatters and lengthens the body without sacrificing structure. For something a little more casual, this oversized wrap coat from ASOS allows greater movement (and swings beautifully as you walk). If you're on a budget like me and looking for a classic black coat that will match with everything, this duster coat from Monki will do the job. Hoping for a brief and painless winter, and for spring break to come sooner.

Photos by Nick Chan