Exploring the hidden beauty of my main lecture hall.

Philadelphia came out of hibernation for one blissful week, blessing us with warm weather and sunshine before being swallowed up by snow (and slush) again. Yet it gave me just enough time to get some snaps in my spring-appropriate outfit, at the beautiful Annenberg School of Penn. It's slightly shameful of me to have been on such a historic and picturesque college campus for almost a year, and to not have done a single outfit shoot until now. Thanks to my friend Teresa who needed a model (ahem not) for a photography competition, I had an excuse  to haul out my fashionable wardrobe once more.

Penn has many beautiful works of architecture, from the Venetian Gothic-style Fisher Fine Arts Library to the futuristic Singh Center For Nanotechnology. But when it came to selecting a shoot location, the Annenberg School for Communication was the first to come to mind. Not just because I'm a Communication major, but also because of its simple yet striking architecture. With its marble exterior and large blue-tinted windows that differentiate it radically from the red-brick buildings lining Locust Walk, Annenberg is a building that defines my style - fuss-free and the antithesis of preppy. 

Photos by Teresa Xu