Throwback to last summer when the freshman fifteen hadn't yet turned me into a landwhale

Having lived in the bubble of Penn and Philadelphia for almost an entire school year, I've grown to miss the hustle and the bustle of Hong Kong. I yearn for the fast-driving, tough-talking taxi drivers who defy all rules of speed and law. I miss shops that don't close at 8pm, steaming and pungent street food that cost mere dollars, and the pleasure of stumbling home from a riotous night out with no fear of danger.

Looking out at my currently sparse skyline, I wish for skyscrapers traversing the horizon, stretching along the coast for as far as the eye can see. I wish for the view from my city rooftop, with a maze of high-rises and 7 million lives unfolding before me. I wish for the thousands of structures made of glass and light that illuminate the city beyond dusk, keeping me company during those insomnia nights. I wish for a city that is truly luminous.