I've always had a taste for unconventional travel destinations, as Robert Frost might say, a tendency to take the road less travelled. Associated with booze-filled college spring break trips, Mexico might not seem like the most innovative destination, yet in the fall sans drunken college students, I think it is one of the most beautiful and underrated. One week before fall break, I took the plunge and spontaneously booked a trip to Playa Del Carmen, a beach town on the east coast of Mexico that is most well known as the less-touristy sister of Cancun. One of the perks of going to Mexico off season is that the beaches are devoid of crowds, and the resorts virtually deserted, leaving us alone to enjoy the crystalline ocean waters and white sand beaches stretching as far as the eye can see. 

Perhaps it's the combination of sun, sea, sand...or having a margarita in hand that worked therapeutic wonders on alleviating school stress and whisking away the thought of impending midterms. Everyone needs a break from the daily grind - and what better way to refresh than in the blue ocean and endless summer of Playa Del Carmen?

Photos by Emily Cheng and Fabian Hutter