Summer in December

Thanksgiving (and the subsequent retailing nightmare that is Black Friday) passed by a week ago. Unsurprisingly that weekend, I was struck with a frenzy to purchase all the shoes and dresses that came my way, unaided by the multiple emails proclaiming "Sale!" and "Last Chance to Buy!" accompanied by multiple exclamation marks and superlatives that flooded my inbox. I like to think of it as a special kind of FOMO, fear of missing out on the sales, but one that maxes out your credit card and results in angry phone calls from your mother. 

As avid shopping addict but also a college student on a budget, a question I often grapple with is "Should I buy that new coat or eat for the next couple of days?" With the pervasiveness of online marketing and promotions, and the increasingly quick turnover of seasons in fast fashion, it's difficult to resist the temptation of keeping up with trends and buying the newest "it" bag that seems to change every two weeks. But there comes a time to step off the hamster wheel and reflect on really putting my paycheck to good use, and creating ensembles within my existing clothes. Often, the challenge of working within a limited wardrobe produces serendipitous results. 

While cleaning out my closet to accommodate my winter clothes, I rediscovered this white vest from Zara that had been one of my most coveted pieces this summer. Formal, elegant yet not quite border-lining on doctor's coat clinical, it was the perfect piece to spice up my workwear. Now, it's been reincarnated as a statement piece to break up my all-black outfits. Paired with a patterned clutch from the globetrotter brand Mischa, this vest brings a hint of summer and resort wear to the currently frigid Philadelphia.

Photos by Fabian Hutter

Zara Vest
COS Turtleneck
J Brand Jeans
Mischa Clutch