Instameet Hong Kong

The best photos are taken in a midst of torrential rainstorms - or at least that is the delusion that motivated to get completely drenched and sacrifice my shoes this weekend for the perfect Instagram shot.

It's usually considered a social faux-pas or basic bitch move to spend more than a few minutes Instagramming, particularly when it comes to the Sunday brunch or green tea lattes. It becomes a little more acceptable with architecture, and especially so when surrounded by like-minded IGers who will spend not just minutes, but hours fangirling over spiral staircases and skyscrapers while juggling iPhones, Olloclips and DSLRS just to get that serendipitous shot. Perseverance for the perfect picture extends to braving undesirable weather conditions. This weekend, as Hong Kong clouded over with the double trouble of a thunderstorm and rainstorm, hardcore Instagrammers got together to explore the Hong Kong Design Institute in Tseung Kwan O. 

The design school comprises a reflective cuboid building supported by a lattice exosekeleton, similar to the structure of Toronto's Ontario School of Design albeit less colorful and with sturdier legs. Essentially heaven for minimalists and modern architecture lovers like me. Every cloud has a silver lining, and the subpar weather made for extremely bleak and washed out colors that worked well for my feed. Plus, umbrellas are this season's must-have IG accessory.