It's difficult to put a twist on wearing black when the shade has been used on every garment, accessory, silhouette and outfit imaginable. Obviously, I'm not the first person in fashion to have a love affair with black. Notable fashion figures have waxed poetic about wearing this dark shade, extolling the various slimming purposes and sophisticated nuances of the industry's most beloved non-color. Designers throughout the ages, from the timeless Chanel to the more current Demeulemeester and Kawakubo, have embraced it. The fashion industry's constantly updating adage of " the new black", even referenced in this season's hit TV drama Orange is the New Black, only goes to show its timelessness. Then there's Yohji Yamamoto's much over-referenced quote (which I will once again abuse).

Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy — but mysterious. It means that many things go together, yet it takes different aspects in many fabrics. You need black to have a silhouette. Black can swallow light, or make things look sharp. But above all black says this: ‘I don’t bother you — don’t bother me!’
— Yohji Yamamoto

It is black's innocuous quality that makes it the first choice for uniform dressing - hence why I wore this ensemble to the office. Yet it's ability to create a strong silhouette is what makes the shade wearable over and over again without being trite. It's this quality that compelled fashion designer Maria Mak of the Hong Kong-based brand Twisted Sisters to move away from the colorful bubblegum pastels of her previous collection, and towards a monochromatic palette that better showcased her architectural influences. Her fall collection, Tranquility, utilizes neutral shades to emphasize the structural intrigue of her garments, an amalgamation of larger-than-life waistcoats (that reach far beyond the waist), flared skirts supported by cages, wide-legged trousers and this little black skirt. Despite the tediousness of wearing pleather in summer heat, I acquiesce for the sake of those fascinating reflections formed by the boxy silhouette of the skirt and the creased pleather. The feminine, voluptuous shape may seem like a deviation from my usual straight silhouettes, but then again, everything looks good in black.

Photos by Katty Law

TwS Skirt
Cotton On Top
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