One for All

I've always been a lazy dresser - the type to roll out of bed exhausted (or hungover) five minutes before class begins, slap on the bare minimum amount of cosmetics in order to pass as human, throw on the odd outfit, and grab a steaming latte from the coffee machine on my run out of the house. Of course, you wouldn't know it. 

I'm not a believer of effortless dressing - I firmly believe that a little preemptive effort can help save you a lot of time and closet-rifling in the mornings. This takes the form of investing in easy statement pieces, particularly jumpsuits and rompers. Jumpsuits are a lazy girl's dream - you've dealt with the head-scratching conundrum of the outfit with just one garment, now you need only add a few accessories. The relaxed cut of this Zara jumpsuit allows for carefree romping around Hong Hong's humidity without the usual sweaty mess that ensues, but its ladylike neckline and length helps me blend right into Hong Kong's trendy St. Francis Yard area. Time to hit the coffeeshops and lounge away another lazy summer day.

Photos by Yip-Wing Siu

Zara Jumpsuit
COS Necklace
Zara Sandals